Our Team

Our Team has upwards of 100 years of combined experience in the real estate and financial services arena.  This experience gives us the ability to identify equity rich real estate opportunities combined with excellent strategic funding opportunities.  Our Team’s significant experience in underwriting and account management has acquired nearly $1 million dollars in our strategic funding space with expectations of growing that 10X's over the next year that will produce well-above market returns.  Our Team will structure and develop platforms for its Clients that can facilitate financial independence with limited risk and liability exposure.

Our Team remains current on industry trends, market adjustments, and opportunities to sustain an industry-lead in acquiring undervalued real estate which offers profitable opportunities for hard money lending. Alliance fosters educational and professional development for all Our Team members.

In addition to Our Team members who are closely associated with the wealth management and private equity arenas, it is also comprised of seasoned lawyers, paralegals, and compliance professionals who have worked many years in the industry to provide legal, securities, transactional, marketing compliance, underwriting, and collections management and oversight.

Our Team believes in high standards, a cohesive work environment and collaborative culture. Alliance prides Our Team for its association and membership in various financial and investment organizations, as well as their commitment to organizations of personal interest and passion.