The Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Can Your Firm or Clients Use $250,000 Now & No Payback?

Can Your Firm or Clients Use 

$250,000 Now & No Payback?

Can Your Firm or Clients Use $250,000 Now & No Payback?

FACTS for IRS Employment Retention Credit (ERC) Covid Grants :

The ERC Grants are Not A Loan; No Cost to File, No Requirement For Repayment.

FACTS for IRS Employment Retention Credit (ERC) Covid Grants : The ERC Grants are Not A Loan; No Cost to File, No Requirement For Repayment.

Alliance Funding Solutions (AFS): What We Do For Affinity Partners & Corporate Clients:

We are a white glove concierge ERC service and national Alliance of financial firms that specialize in coordinating ERC grants especially for the benefit of American small and medium businesses, and Veteran owned companies. We prioritize our Affinity Partners for endorsed programs custom designed for their members. Our CPA member firms have completed tens of thousands of returns, for billions of dollars. We fully understand the IRS ERC program & how to maximize the IRS ERC re-filings & all of the legal requirements & guidelines that are involved.

You could receive $26,000 per W2 employee during 2020/2021, if they were paid a minimum of $10,000 in any eligible quarters over the 7 periods & meet other simple ERC guidelines.

Tens & Tens of Billions of EEC Grant Dollars Still Available

Tens & Tens of Billions of ERC grant dollars still available to the 7 million eligible businesses “One may be Yours”. The average ERC filing range is 10 to 15 W-2 staff, the company ERC grants are averaging $200,000+ each- and available even if you received the PPP loans during the same 2020/2021 periods.

It takes a ten minute ERC intro phone call with the Company Owner, CEO, CFO, Comptroller or CPA to determine if the firm likely qualifies, what range that the refund will actually be. And, answer any other questions on the specific company qualifications or other ERC related factors. It might mean $ 250,000+ to your company, if only 10+ W-2 staff during Covid.

The program requires new 941-x returns for 2021 and 2022 to be recalculated with the recent ERC guidelines & refiled with IRS to issue refund checks direct to the company. All tax work is performed remotely by our expert ERC CPA partners from review of your past filed 941-A’s and phone meetings with your management staff. All work is finalized & a new IRS return is filed.

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was enacted by US government in response to impact of COVID 19 on American small businesses. The ERC program is a return of 50-70% of wages paid to employees (up to certain amount) by businesses for specific quarters of 2020 & 2021.

You could receive $26,000 per W2 employee during 2020/2021, if they were paid a minimum of $10,000 in any eligible quarters over the 7 periods & meet other simple ERC guidelines.

If a company was impacted by any government-mandated shutdown or other Covid related circumstances or experienced the required decline in gross receipts during eligibility periods, the company likely qualifies. If you are a restaurant, was the dining area closed or restricted? Were your employees, business or your supply chains impacted by any Covid restrictions? ERC rules were changed several times by Congress, most firms are unaware of the newest ERC Facts.

We Serve Affinity Groups to Provide
ERC Member Services:

We Serve Affinity Groups to Provide ERC Member Services:

Our AFS Alliance Partners & Commitments to Serve:

We have vetted the largest ERC service providers and selected those that we find to be a proper mix of top ERC CPA professionals, with the deepest ERC experience and the best client values and fees. Based on your specific ERC objectives, we introduce them to you and remain in your corner while your return is IRS refiled and the refunds issued, should you have questions or concerns. Our service is provided at NO COST TO YOU. Consider AFS as your personal ERC concierge.

IRS Delayed ERC Processing Considerations:

There are reportedly over 900,000 ERC filings now at IRS, waiting to be reviewed and processed. The ERC re-filings are required to be manually filed with the IRS and cannot be submitted digitally or scanned. If your return is not fully compliant, it is delayed or even rejected- with the chance to miss the deadlines. IRS has been processing 10,000 ERC returns per week, is staffing to increase to 20,000 or 30,000- with internal impacts. There are over 70,000 pages of related ERC tax guidelines and legal requirements, so it’s almost impossible for internal accounting staff or customary CPA expert roles for these activities.

Average ERC Processing Timetables & Company Payment:

It requires up to 45 days to research and refile the new 941-x returns, and an average of up to six months to receive IRS refund.

Company Early Funding Prepayment Programs:

If the Company chooses, they can receive 60% of their return in the form of an advance payment from our ERC provider(s) , subject to interim interest and additional charges. It averages about 15% of the early refund that is provided. These prepayments can be funded within ten days of new IRS returns being refiled. This speeds up the funding proceeds by six months or more in many cases. These early advances can be provided even if the Company has already filed for ERC refund with another qualified ERC provider.

The Two ERC Program Filing Deadlines for 2020 & 2021 Company Operations:

The AFS goal is helping our clients understand, secure and maximize their ERC grant return. It is estimated that over 80% of ERC qualified prospect companies do not understand the program, its various guidelines or legal qualifications. The 2020 ERC refiling funds fully expires May 2024, the 2021 refiling expires in May of 2025. It is imperative that the ERC re-filings are submitted timely.

Hundreds of ERC “pop-up” TV + Digital Ads Campaigns - What Do You Know About Any of Them : There is a deluge of tv and internet ERC advertisers now claiming the benefits & easy qualifications of ERC programs- like car accident attorneys.

It has truly soiled the business community with non-belief and distrust for ERC sector services. These “pop-up firms” create potential IRS audit issues, from revenue driven ERC filings not accurate or totally correct. The advertisers are paid a 20%+ avg fee from newly filed 941 reports, so the higher IRS return claims directly benefits their revenues from these activities.

A 25 W-2 staff returns $20,000 per W-2 average, so a $ 500,000 return grant. The ERC firm is paid an avg of $100,000 so the stakes are really material, the company is the one with IRS bad filings risks, related audit impacts, potential financial claw backs , fines and all of the headaches.

How To Pick a Trusted ERC National CPA Advisor - What Are YOUR ERC Priority Considerations:

Your ERC Service Provider Partner should have the highest internet and BBB rankings, extensive listed client referrals, completed thousands of ERC returns and be totally US based.

 The other Company ranked considerations should include : Required timetable to file; Receiving the highest ERC refund; Paying the lowest net fee for the services; Providing early refund advance payments; How many CPA’s & attorneys on their internal staff, Number of prior returns filed; IRS payment metrics or audits; What IRS audit support services are provided; Is there a third party legal review of each return; Is there an assigned case manager always available; Are any front end filing fees required; How many years has the ERC service provider been in business, Total dollar range of ERC refunds refiled and E&O insurance and company bonding.

Our ERC Partner Service Providers:

We are priority partnered with Omega Accounting Solutions, and other leading national accounting firms with hundreds of accounting staff and vast ERC filing experiences. They are fully insured and provide a detailed, white glove approach to handling clients. Their thorough processes include providing full 941-x refiling documentation and standing by to support the claim and protect our client’s business throughout all aspects of the ERC activities.

What To Expect – An Initial Call With The Owner | CEO | CFO | Comptroller

When a business owner makes initial AFS contact, they are asked to submit a brief form. We take the details of their case, formulate a preliminary analysis and involve the best ERC partner. Instructions on how to begin the process will be given over the phone and followed up via email. The process usually takes 30-45 days from first contact to IRS re-filing, and then 3-6+ months for IRS to process and pay the return direct to Company, based on size and complexity.

We operate in a customer-centric manner and value transparency because it’s important to us that our clients know what to expect throughout the process. Filing for ERC can be complex and the returns are determined on a case by case basis, so our clients may end up with a lot of questions. Our mission is leave them with the maximum return possible and complete certainty that their filing are completed in a meticulous and fully compliant manner with IRS.

The Company Required IRS Documents to Be Provided :

  • IRS reported quarterly revenue for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

  • IRS Form 941 Quarterly Payroll Reports for 2019, 2020, 2021.

  • If company received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, requires the Form 3508. Note recipients of PPP are still eligible to receive ERC