Hard Money Lending:

For many real estate investors, getting access to capital is a challenge when they come across a property that can be purchased substantially below market price.

The reason for this is because most motivated real estate sellers are looking to sell their properties as-is with a quick close and are willing to pay a premium for the use of funds.

Alliance has developed a "niche" in this space that allows investors access to capital in order to close quickly on their purchases. This allows Alliance to generate excellent returns while being secured by a property with substantial equity.

When the investor fixes up the property they will look to sell it or refinance it in order to pay Alliance off and get a better rate.

Small Business Funding:

Small Business Fundings, also known as merchant cash advances or factoring (SBF's), are a form of funding in which the funder purchases a business’s future debit/credit card sales receivables in exchange for a lump-sum funding payment today.

The SBF market has been around for nearly 20 years. According to the leading industry analysts, the SBF industry is estimated to be a $5 Billion per year industry currently, with potential to expand by 30x or more.

At Alliance Funding Solutions, we have seen firsthand the tremendous need for business capital and are confident we can contribute to the market growth through our strategic approach to the industry.

Alliance has already funded businesses throughout the United States with SBF's accomplishing both Alliance’s and the funded business’s goals of growth.